IPClinical is a secure, cloud-based communications platform for healthcare professionals

WHY IPClinical


Practice Management Suite

IPClinical Practice Management suite simplifies every step of the practice management and medical billing process.

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Specialty EHR

A specialty focused cloud-based solution with point-and-click selection, customization capability.

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Electronic Health Records

Offer smart EHR, intelligent, comprehensively integrated cloud-based solution.

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Team of certified consultants help you achieve maximum MIPS reimbursement and avoid payment adjustments.

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Medical Billing Service

Medical Billing Software (MBS) is a web-based total solution catering to all the requirements of medical billing.

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Medical Transcription Services

Minimize your transcription costs by half or more with our experienced staff using our transcription services.

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  • "I have been using the Billing and Credentialing services of IPClinical for more than three years now. I have been very happy with their knowledgeable and attentive staff. If I have a query or a billing/insurance issue they respond promptly and go to great lengths to get matters resolved in a timely manner. Their credentialing staff are resourceful and have been very helpful ensuring that credentialing with a multitude of insurance companies goes efficiently."
    All in all I would highly recommend them!
    Sumbal Sattar MD

    I am pleased to write a review of the IPClinical EMR & their affiliated back-office services.

    The EMR has many positive features. The most critical part of any EMR system is the ability to know what happened in the past with one glance. The system almost provides that fully with one minor tweaking which should be possible soon. Overall, the comprehensive chart view is very effective for a full snapshot of different areas of the chart that we land on when logging in. Note generation is decent and easily reprogrammable. Like any EMR system, it’s possible to speed it up by using a short cut for copy & paste from past notes.

    A most important part of any EMR system is support. The system excels in that. I have worked in the past with Allscripts, EClinicalWorks, and IMS and I will tell you, these guys are most incredible. They are always available for help and are willing to program a note/PDF or other form into the system as a courtesy. They are amazing. Key part of the EMR system is availability of LIVE HELP that’s free, and not help by seeing a video. These people are great in providing that.

    Back-office Billing, scheduling, and office help is great as its easily incorporated into the fold of the system. That's great as can be saving a bit of money and employment hassles in the US that terrible in many cases. As we all know, employees are the worst part of any business especially healthcare. Outsourcing a lot of those makes your life easier, more predictable in the US with good quality support without the hassles.

    I will give them two thumbs up for all the above.
    Arkam Rehman, MD
    Sunshine Spine and Pain PA.
    2570 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville FL, 32207

All-in-one SolutioN

We take care of your business by managing EHR, billing and PM all under IPClinical hood.

Value-Added Services


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Our customize and powerful EHR software can save your time.

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